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Completed: June 2022

Arch Studio Next.js and Tailwind website development

The brief/ challenge

Tacking an advanced front-end mentor challenge in 4 hours.

Inspired by this front-end mentor challenge and a self-imposed deadline of 4 hours I set out to create a solution using the screen-shots provided by the wonderful folks at front-end mentor 💕.

The solution

With my deadline, my solution was created using Tailwind CSS (which allowed me to create the tricky layouts in time), Next js 😍 and Leaflet js with React-Leaflet for the contact page office locations viewer.


A amazing React.js based full-stack JavaScript framework developed by the angels at Vercel.


A superset of JavaScript I adore which helps write cleaner, more predictable JavaScript code.


My favorite CSS framework that makes developing responsive and resilient layouts quickly possible.

Leaflet js

An incredible open source web mapping JavaScript library created by Volodymyr Agafonkin.