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Completed: June 2022

Dr Setati Next.js and Tailwind website design & development

The brief/ challenge

Revisiting my first post-college brief.

Dr Setati during my intership at Personalized Promotions, I got a practice design and developement brief which was my first time writting PHP code. While I'm still very proud of it, I wanted to pay homage to it by using the skills I know now to build the site I saw in my original designs.

The solution

The proccess:

  • First in converting PHP code to React and Next js code.
  • Relooking at my designs and rebuilding the entire SCSS system to realise a design that I think 3 years later still holds up.


A amazing React.js based full-stack JavaScript framework developed by the angels at Vercel.


A CSS framework that makes working with CSS for large scale applications easier and more manageable.


A JavaScript framework developed by Facebook (Meta) that makes developing user interfaces using declarative JavaScript code possible.


A superset of JavaScript I adore which helps write cleaner, more predictable JavaScript code.