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Completed: August 2022

Ej-woods Full stack Next.js and PostgreSQL e-commerce store.

The brief/ challenge

Aproached by a local carpenter and wood supplier who needed an online presence and revenue source, I needed to build a store that:

  • Could be easily and cheaply hosted (paying CMS hosting costs was not viable).
  • Would quickly and easily allow anyone to order wood or custom furniture (through offering cash on delivery as a payment option).
  • Could be used as a portfolio to aquire clients who need custom furniture.

The solution

My solution was a web-app based on the phenominal T3 stack and with a PostgreSQL database hosted on Vercel that would is easy to update products and projects (by virtueof the databse being hosted on Railway) that serves transactional emails through Nodemailer and Sendgrid.


A amazing React.js based full-stack JavaScript framework developed by the angels at Vercel.


My favorite CSS framework that makes developing responsive and resilient layouts quickly possible.


A time-tested open-source relational database management system compliant with and based the SQL standard.


(TypeScript remote procedure call) A JavaScript library that makes building and consuming fully typesafe Rest compliant API's easier.


A superset of JavaScript I adore which helps write cleaner, more predictable JavaScript code.

Framer Motion

My favourite JavaScript animation and motion library that when paired with React creates gorgeous user experiences.