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Future Agent β€” Full stack home buyers portal web-app

The brief/ challenge

Connecting buyers to home sellers directly.

Future Agent β€” a Cape Town based real estate firm looking to push the fairly traditional model of Seller => Agent => digital monopolistic platforms => Buyers into something more streamlined by connecting property buyers to sellers directly through inteligent use of technology.

The solution

Focussed on the buyers side of any property aquisition, we developed a product that:

  • Helps buyers safely book viewings directly with property sellers.
  • Create legaly compient offers on properties they like.
  • Recieive guidance from the Future Agent team and their lawyers on offers and the aquisition process.
  • Give property viewing reviews that directly help sellers impove the apeal of their properties after viewings.


A Backend-as-a-Service (BAAS) platform powered by Google Cloud.


A amazing React.js based full-stack JavaScript framework developed by the angels at Vercel.


A JavaScript framework developed by Facebook (Meta) that makes developing user interfaces using declarative JavaScript code possible.


My favorite CSS framework that makes developing responsive and resilient layouts quickly possible.

Hey uhhh...

Unfortunately this project is still in the oven and pretty hush-hush πŸ™ŠπŸ™Š but if you want a demo you feel free to book some time with me😊.

Book some time