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Completed: March 2022

Sanctuary Full stack blog + product review & community hub.

The brief/ challenge

Revisiting my first freelance web-dev client.

Sanctuary was born as an idea to create a blog and safe online space for women create, talk and connect together. Back in 2019 as part of a student outreach brief (when real life people and businesses get students to create projects for them that count for extra credit) I was tasked with designing their platform. 3 years later I decided to go build my original designs into a full stack application.

The solution

My task was to build the original concept captured in the designs that:

  • Supports product uploading, editing and moderation of comments (reviews).
  • Supports user accounts with OAuth support.
  • Supports blogs and user generated blog posts and comments.
  • Includes a meetup/ events portal for members.


A amazing React.js based full-stack JavaScript framework developed by the angels at Vercel.


An awesome state management library I mostly use with React apps.


A superset of JavaScript I adore which helps write cleaner, more predictable JavaScript code.


My favorite CSS framework that makes developing responsive and resilient layouts quickly possible.

The web-app design file.

My original designs without any text or imagery that belongs to the original client.